Sabbath School and Small Group Bible Study

Sabbath school starts at 9.20am. It's a time where we can discuss the teachings of the Bible and socialise with each other.

Sabbath school classes are divided into the following general age groups:

  • Adults (ages 26+)   
  • Youth (ages 16 - 25) 
  • Teens (ages 10-15)   
  • Primary (ages 6-9)   
  • Kindergarten (ages 3-5)   
  • Beginners (for parents with infants 0-2 yrs)


You can read current lessons if you click on the corresponding image for your class in the banner above. If you would like to view any editions of the Adult Study Guides for this quarter then click on the image at the bottom of this page. Each separate link may even lead to past archived lessons as well!  To prepare for the next lesson discussion read the texts and study the lessons below, the lesson information is a link to the week's Adult Standard Edition Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. 


The details for this week's discussion on Sabbath 4th June are:

The details for
next week's discussion on Sabbath 11th June are:

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