What is eGiving? 

eGiving allows secure online payments to Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Australia and New Zealand.  Your generous donation helps us build a better church and community.  It is giving on the web, a way for your donation to arrive at its destination through the fastest way possible.  This site allows you to pay tithe and give offerings from your Credit or Debit Card and by BPAY (Australia).

“Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands—all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”   Luke 6:38 

The payment of tithes and offerings is a matter of personal faith, between you and God.  The greatest rewards in giving belong to the giver and they transcend monetary returns.

". . . and of all that you give me I will give you a tenth."  Genesis 28:22

Context: The Lord appeared to Jacob in a dream and invited him to enter into a covenant relationship with Him. He promised Jacob His providential blessing and guidance, as He had done before with Abraham. Jacob accepted the invitation and made a vow to the Lord.

Tithe: As part of the vow, Jacob promised the Lord that he would give Him the tithe of everything. Nothing is explicitly said in the text concerning how Jacob was going to transfer the tithe to the Lord or about how it was to be used. By giving it to the Lord, it is implicitly indicated that Jacob himself was not going to use the tithe for his own benefit or purpose, and that God was free to determine what to do with it. By transferring it to the Lord he relinquished any possible claim of ownership.

How to use eGiving

If you are using eGiving for the first time and have never used it before, read through these instructions first to familiarise yourself with how the process works and then you will be able to create for yourself an account and password.

Click on the eGiving banner above, this will open the eGiving webpage in a new window.  Then click on the LOGIN link on the right hand side.  This will allow you to create a new user account for yourself.

After doing this, you will receive an email at your nominated email address that will ask you activate your account by providing an account password. 

As soon as you complete this step, you will be taken to your new eGiving account page.  Make sure you log in before you donate.

Select your Church from the box using the dropdown arrow.

Now you will see a list of the tithe and many offering options available to allocate your donations to. The list includes offerings specific to the Cairns church, e.g. Building Fund, Sound System.

As you go down the list you will see offerings more specific to Conference, Union Conference and Global Church initiatives; such as the Camp offering, ADRA offerings, Annual Sacrifice, Adventist World Radio and Sabbath School (13th Sabbath) offerings. 

Each option provides brief details of that offering, for example;


Tithe is used to support the ministry of local churches through pastoral salaries, as well as evangelism and additional services provided to the local church.


Cairns Expense Fund

These funds are for the physical running expenses of the Cairns church, eg cleaning, electricity, insurance, rates, etc.

When you’ve allocated your funds to the appropriate offerings, remember to click the “Donate” button before you leave the page!  This will take you to another window where you can enter your Credit Card particulars. Your funds are then deposited into the local church bank account, and a receipt is automatically e-mailed to you.

Remember, if you need any assistance with eGiving, first have a look over the Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your query is already answered there.  If not, then please contact Karen Porter, the Cairns Church Treasurer.